【PTE词汇】PTE话题素材一大分类Business Administration
    1. accreditation n. 委派,认证,资格认可

    the act of granting official approval or recognition

    2. entity n. 实体

    that which is perceived to have its own distinct existence

    3. proactive adj. 前摄的,有前瞻性的

    causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond

    4. internship n. 实习期,实习

    the position of one working for an expert to learn a trade

    5. tort n. 侵权行为

    a wrong doing for which an action for damages may be brought

    ?6. oriented adj. 导向的,定向的

    adjusted or located in relation to surroundings

    7. administrator n. 管理人,行政官

    someone who manages a government agency or department

    8. operational adj. 操作的,运作的

    pertaining to a series of actions for achieving a result

    9. shareholder n. 股东,股票持有人

    someone who holds shares of stock in a corporation

    10. management n. 管理

    the act of controlling something

    ?11. corporation n. 公司,法人(团体)

    a business firm recognized by law as a single body

    12. corporate adj. 法人的,共同的,公司的

    of or belonging to a business firm

    13. liability n. 责任,债务

    the state of being legally obliged and responsible

    14. partnership n. 合伙

    a cooperative relationship between peopleor groups

    15. statutory adj. 法定的,法令的

    relating to or created by regulations

    16. ensure v. 保证,确保

    make certain of

    17. bureaucratic adj. 官僚的

    of or relating to unnecessary procedures and red tape

    18. abridged adj. 删节的,削减的

    shortened by condensing or rewriting

    19. governance n. 管理,统治,支配

    the act of exercising authority

    20. accounting n. 会计,会计学

    a system that gives quantitative information about finances

    ?21. defining adj. 典型的,起决定作用的

    the process of determining the form ormeaning of something

    22. functional adj. 功能的

    designed for or capable of a particular use

    23. restructure v. 调整,更改结构

    form anew

    24. cooperative adj. 合作的

    involving the joint activity of two or more

    25. vendor n. 卖主,供应商

    someone who exchanges goods or services formoney

    26. administration n. 管理,行政

    the act of governing or exercising authority

    27. function n. 功能,职责

    what something is used for

    28. jurisdiction n. 司法权,管辖权

    the territory within which power can be exercised

    29. objective n. 目的,目标

    the goal intended to be attained

    30. marketing n. 行销,销售

    the commercial processes in promoting and selling something

    ?31. subsidiary n. 子公司

    functioning in a supporting capacity

    32. consistency n. 一致性,相容性

    a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts

    33. operation n. 操作,经营

    process or manner of functioning

    34. personnel n. 人事部门,全体人员

    group of people willing to obey orders

    35. executive n. 总经理,执行委员会,执行者

    a person responsible for the administration of a business

    36. monitor n. 监控,监督员

    someone who observes to ensure fairness or prevent mistakes

    37. output n. 输出,产量

    production of a certain amount

    38. resource n. 资源,财力

    aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed

    39. delegate n. 代表v. 委派

    a person appointed or elected to represent others

    40. creditor n. 债权人

    a person to whom money is owed by a debtor

    ?41. charitable adj. 慈善事业的

    relating to or characterized by voluntary giving

    42. manager n. 经理,管理人员

    someone who controls resources and expenditures

    43. finance n. 财政,金融

    the commercial activity of providing funds and capital

    44. charter n. 执照,宪章

    a document creating an institution and specifying its rights

    45. proprietor n. 业主,经营者

    someone who owns a business

    46. pension n. 退休金,抚恤金

    regular payment to allow a person to subsist without working

    47. charity n. 慈善

    an institution set up to provide help to the needy

    48. partner n. 合伙人

    a person who is a member of a cooperative relationship

    49. representative n. 代表,adj.典型的

    serving to typify

    50. staff n. 职员

    a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose

    ?51. train v. 培训

    educate for a future role or function

    52. contract n. 合同

    a binding agreement that is enforceable by law

    53. capital n. 大写字母,资本家,资金

    a large sum of money which you use to start a business, or which you invest in order to make more money

    54. stock n. 股份,库存

    a supply of something available for future use

    55. policy n. 政策,方针

    a plan of action adopted by an individual or social group

    56. trust n. 信任,信赖

    belief in the honesty and reliability of others