【PTE】SST机经月度排行榜 前十名竟然都是远古老题
    TOP 10. Government Powers(政府公权力争论)

    The lecture talks about the devolution of power from government to the general public.

    At the beginning of the lecture, the speaker first stated the need to modify government power, which is a philosophical question.

    He further mentioned different opinions holding by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

    While the Democratic Party claims that government should hold the big power and entitlements, the republicans believe government should share its powers with the states and people.

    The Republican Party was decided to hide power from the general public.

    TOP 9. Drug Ads(药物广告的影响)

    有点像电视新闻,有主持人有连线采访的模式。说现在有大量的钱都花在了处方药 的TRUCK上,在黄金时段反复播出,对这个现在提出质疑

    The drug company has doubled the amount of money spent in ads.

    关于药物的广告促销 越来越多人去看广告服用药物,而不是去见医生。

    然后连线采访,说广告中的信息没有问题,是准确的,但是广告中的语调会误导人们去买药 这样做有好处,能 control,坏处是 change lifestyle.

    Also the change in the life style also contribute to this trend. 最后一句说毕竟买处方药和买肥皂不一样。

    TOP 8. Educational Management

    In this lecture, Bob Josh from Stanford University Business School talked about a student study educational management at Stanford University business school.

    The speaker then talked about the relationship between business school and education school. He said that the purpose of both profit and non-profit institutions like Stanford University provide learning, and Business School provides learning management.

    Sometimes, works are done because not only the management but also the people who feel responsible for it. You need to be responsible for the performance and identify how it happens, and responsibility means that the accomplishments achieved by others don't indicate what you are capable of.

    TOP 7. A Female Novelist(女性小说家成长经历)

    A novelist started writing from 30 years old and her initial intention was to write fiction novels.

    However she took some detour but she never regretted because she believed it was the right thing to do.

    She spend 10-12 years to figure out what is fiction.

    A great novelist, who encourages people to venture, inspired her to take some risk.

    She literally started writing from 1951, and the first chapter she wrote was “the secret life of bees”.

    TOP 6. Laugh(笑存在的意义)

    Laughing has many benefits, especially in adversity.

    Laughing is not only a kind of humor, but also a great therapy.

    The war jokes about the Berlin Wall were widespread in western countries after the Second World War.

    The war jokes helped people recover from the pain caused by the war.

    Laughing can also protect self-respect and identity.

    TOP 5. Vitamin D

    The lecture talks about Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not dietary if without sunshine.

    Vitamin D is not a real vitamin it's a hormone. Very few foods contain vitamin D.

    Synthesis of vitamin D in the skin is the major natural source of the vitamin and need sunlight to absorb. Some regions people less expose in sunlight do not have enough vitamin D

    The production of vitamin D will reduced when people migrate away from the equator or wear more clothes in winter.

    More food that contains vitamin D is needed for people to keep healthy.

    TOP 4. A mother's loan

    The lecture talks about 43-years-old women complaint about her financial difficulty and she can't pay back her loan.

    Although her college degree helped her find a job, she has been paying mounting debts for the expensive education cost.

    She regrets about her over-confidence and unrealistic expectations of enjoying a lucrative writing career.

    Her loan has tripled after 15 years and she cannot rely on parents'financial support. She can't support her children that she has to apply financial aids for her children's education.

    She advices students practically plan their future and choose an affordable educational institution.

    TOP 3. Amory Lovins (Mr. Green)

    A man named Robinson. Nobody knows him in the classroom, he soaks knowledge in a small town, learn in mountain, 30 years thinking up ways to save energy, thinking up ways to solve problem with existed technique, people tends to regard him as genius.

    Amory Lovins, he is an environmentalist with a wide range of knowledge but not from the academic world. He runs a consulting company and regarded as a genius.

    He is dedicated himself to saving energy and resource problems, building house by himself at the top of a mountain.

    A writer called him Mr Green, but other people think he is crazy Amory Lovins. People tend to regard him as a genius.

    TOP 2. Talent war(激烈的人才战争)

    男声版: The lecture talks about Talent war. Many countries are now short of talent.

    The intensive competition for talent people is not only within a country but also between countries. The changes of the nature of economy lead to increasing in talent demand.

    The Decreasing and aging population of baby boomer generation causes decreased skilled supply of workers.

    Many young people immigrate by going to university in other countries. After graduate they compete with local people. This is the way that some countries attract talent people. In conclusion, talent is at a premium.

    女声版: Evidence shows that deficiency of talents in exacerbates. The demand talents boomed tripled in contemporary companies, global demography contributed to labor lacking.

    The aging of baby-boomer generation also distract numerous experienced employees from working as well.

    The collapse of loyalty and mismatching between school-taught knowledge and employers'requirements are major causations.

    Developing countries undergo similar situation while dealing with culture legacy that impedes development.

    TOP 1. Indian peasants debt(印度农民的债务)

    In this lecture, the speaker talked about the Indian peasants. In the beginning of the lecture he mentioned that Indian peasants have very high economical pressure.

    They are lack of capital, but they have to buy seeds. As the price of seeds were raised by seeds companies.

    They become poorer and poorer. And they have to borrow money from seeds companies.

    The pesticides have to be used continuously since the first time and the price increased by 40 folds in the past 5 years.

    The high volume and increased price of pesticides both contributed to the high debts.

    At the end of the lecture, he concluded that Debt on peasant is increasing due to high use of pesticide.