1. Gene

    In this lecture, the speaker talked about the gene and DNA.

    At the beginning of the lecture, the speaker mentioned that genes decide the protein in the cells.

    He further mentioned that there are more than 2M proteins in a cell.

    At the end of the lecture, the speaker concluded that there is still not result for the functions of different cells.

    2. 航天飞机

    The shuttle was designed to be a space truck it's a multi-purpose vehicle. We've done a tremendous number of different things with it. It's the most versatile space vehicle that has ever been built. We've used it to launch satellites. We've used it to repair satellites in orbit and put them back into orbit. We've used it to capture satellites and bring them back to Earth for repair. We've outfitted it with the space lab built by our European partners and used it before the era of the space station to do scientific research. We used it as part of our partnership with the Russians, which is still continuing, first as part of the Mir space station, where we actually prolonged the useful life of Mir by several years through logistical supply visits with the shuttle. And now. Of course, we're using it to build the new international space station, which is a huge international partnership.

    3. English language change


    那个主要是说 it is clear that english is changing rapidly They can not change the entire English language but they can standardize the spelling

    而且we absorb new word from internet, broadcasting 最後有提到一些学者讲英文at slow rate

    why can't we changed it because it has some standardized spelling and universal educational format. So it's very hard to change entire language. Secondly, there is variety in English language from number of villages and regions so it's wise to have a universal one.

    4. Joseph Lister 外科消毒水

    This lecture talked about a great surgeon, whose name is Joseph Lister.

    The reason why he is well known is because he successfully introduced carbolic acid to sterilize surgical instruments and to clean wounds.

    This led to a reduction in infections and made surgery safer for patients.

    In conclusion, people call him the father of modern surgery because his great achievement in medicine.

    5. Unconscious incompetence & conscious competenc

    The Four Levels of Learning describe how a person learns a new skill.

    Unconscious Incompetence, you don't know that you don't know something.

    Conscious Incompetence, you are now aware that you can't do the skill.

    Conscious Competence, you develop a skill in that area but have to think about it.

    Unconscious Competence, you are good at it and it now comes naturally.

    6. 气温变化

    This lecture talks about the earth's last climate shift.

    Climate is defined as consistent pattern of weather over the significant periods of time.

    Changes when energy balance of the earth is disturbed.

    He said the system is complex.

    It would involve several different mechanisms operating at the same time.

    One example is mentioned that when volcano's erupt, they disperse particles into upper atmosphere and cools the earth's surface.

    7. Tanks

    German tiger panzer vs t-34, 比较这两个坦克的什么fire power, armor, and mobility 结论就是虽然虎式坦克在各方面都outperformed t-34 结构依然是 t-34 通过巨大的数量优势获胜。

    This lecture talks about two kinds of tanks.

    According to the speaker, he was mentioned some points of view.

    There are two kinds of tanks, one named panzer tiger, the other one named T-34.

    The panzer tiger is better than T-34 defeated the panzer tiger because the number of the T-34 is larger than that of the panzer tiger.

    But in the end, the T-34 defeated the panzer tiger because the number of the T-34 is larger than that of the panzer tiger.

    8. Business entity is exchange


    Essence of business entity is exchange

    Exchange goods to other goods

    Goal of marketing, transfer products from suppliers to consumers, meet the demands of customers

    Capital gain is important, because only if by making profits, company would reinvest and produce more

    9. 欧洲文学

    考到了一个英国还是欧洲文学的题。降到了comedy的数量和质量都提升了,随着机器的发展,社会财富累积,中产阶级 expand

    10. 人脑图

    A brain sketch contain billions of cells 人们非常容易忘记事情,记住事情很困难,举例 Indian kids brain

    11. 宇宙文明

    In the lecture, the speaker talks about the civilization in the universe.

    The study showed there are 7 stars appear every year.

    The study also looked at whether all stars are suitable for the development of civilization.

    The study showed the temperature of some stars are either too cold or too hot.

    Only about 20% of stars can be considered as suitable for civilization