We can find u a job fast. Accounting, engineering,
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    We can find u a job fast. Accounting, engineering, aged care, IT. $90 resumes

    Do you want someone to find a job for you?

    Do you want to find a job the easy way? Are you frustrated that it is so difficult to find a job? Are you worried that you will have trouble competing with locals for jobs?

    The Job Factory offers one of the easiest and fastest ways to find a job in Australia. Our clients are often the only people who are interviewed for jobs because we find them before they are advertised. That’s why it is so easy to get a job with our help. If you are the only person who is interviewed, you don’t have to be the best of 100; you only have to show that you can do they job.

    We can help find almost any type of job including accounting, engineering, IT, nursing, administration and aged care jobs. We can also help you get an internship or sponsorship.

    We are a 100% Australian company that has already helped hundreds of Chinese to find jobs – often within a few days.

    The only types of jobs we are not able to find are retail jobs (shops), hospitality jobs (cafes and restaurants) and government jobs.


    Read hundreds of WeChat messages from happy clients on our website

    We have more reviews from happy clients than any other similar company. Read some of the hundreds of WeChat screenshots from past clients at –thejobfactory.com.au. No one comes close to our success. Do not take a risk with companies that don’t have the proof to back their claims.

    The Job Factory - a company that you can trust

    The Job Factory is owned by Australian journalist Craig Binnie. Craig worked for the Herald Sun newspaper for more than 20 years. He also works as a public relations consultant. One of his clients was one of China's wealthiest men - Wang Hua (worth $400 million). Google the words CRAIG BINNIE and WANG HUA to find newspaper articles.

    How do we find jobs before everyone else?

    We are fast and effective which is why we are now recommended by so many job seekers.
    Our strategy is simple. We send your resume and cover letter to employers in search of vacancies before they are advertised. For example, if you want an accounting job we will give you a list of 1500 companies in your state. Just delete the companies that are too far away from your home and send the rest back to us. We will then email your resume to these companies and ask if they have any jobs. We will be emailing hundreds (or even thousands) of companies and we only need to find one that has a vacancy to give you a great chance of getting a job.

    We can find entry level jobs as well as jobs for more experienced workers.

    If you want a job in aged care, we will send your resume to nursing homes. If we send your resume to 25% of the nursing homes in your state, then we have a chance of reaching up to 25% of the jobs before they are advertised.

    Cheap resumes and cover letters by the best writers. Our resumes get people jobs.

    You will not get a job unless you have a great cover letter and good resume. If your documents are bad, employers will simply delete your job application. The Job Factory is owned and operated by journalist Craig Binnie who has more than 20 years of writing experience at the Herald Sun newspaper. All of our writers are hand-picked writing professionals. We do not use inexperienced university students to write inferior resumes and cover letters. Our letters are designed to make employers call you.


    We do not recommend that you try to get an internship because it is so easy to get a job. However if you want us to try to get you an internship it will be even easier than finding a job.


    We have been able to get numerous clients sponsorship; however it is not easy. Aged care and nursing are the easiest jobs to get sponsorship in. We estimate that more than half of our clients who have sought sponsorship in a nursing home or hospital have been hired with two weeks.

    Job search - $150 (To be eligible for this discounted price you must add us on Wechat. ID=Craigb1)

    Fix my resume and cover letter - $90



    You can read how it works on The Job Factory website or call Craig on 0433 1
    14847 for more information or add him on WeChat with the ID: Craigb1

    Log thejobfactory.com.au, or call Craig telephone 0433114847 , micro-channel can also be added: Craigb1 , act quickly, you no longer have to worry about looking for a job!