Sydney Olympic Park 豪华双人间加独立卫生间 $300

    包水电网,空调所有,纯拎包入住,提供storage,可以存放一定量行李。1min到Bus station直达Burnwood。5mins 到火车站。楼前就有华人超市,餐馆等便利商店。Olympic Park不定时举办各类大型活动,爱好多彩生活的你不容错过!!!

    单人 Double Room 300刀一周。机会有限,预约看房请短信通知:Don: 0406966327。长租可小刀。


    My name is Don Liu, I am an admitted solicitor in NSW.

    I purchased this property and I want to rent out ONE DOUBLE ROOM with ONE BATHROOM to any working professional or student.

    This property is one of the best quality Apartment. The Price included all bill, ect Water, Gas, Internet and Air Conditioner. You can google sreach 2 Betty Cuthbert Ave 2127 for the actural address,( this website didn't give the right adress discription. )

    Price and condition:

    On principle, this double room only rent to one person for $300 (all bill inc)

    Cooking welcome, but strong flavor limited : )

    The Sydney Olympic Park is a vivid community, It holds all kinds of big celebration all year around, you can enjoy a colorful lifestyle in here.
    1 mins to the bus station, via Burnwood, Rhodes.
    5 mins to the train station.
    100m from the nearest supermarket.
    Public entertainment include:
    One INTERNAL swimming pool, Plus One EXTERNAL swimming pool, Plus one GYM with air conditioner, Plus more than 4 outside BBQ places.
    The oldest and biggest Sydney garden-Botania Garden is only 100m from this Apartment. DFO within 5 mins driveway.
    Come over and inspect our place, don't take too long, it will be taken soon : )