Year 11&12 HSC Adv Maths tutoring 数学 (2U) 小班补习 $35

    Term 3 Year 11 & 12 Advanced数学 (2U) 小班教学

    Sirius Learning 是为学生量身定制课程的业界先锋。


    所以Sirius Learning27th July 2019开始将带来一系列小班(4-6个学生)课程



    YEAR 11: 周六 10-12:30 PM OR 周日 10-12:30 PM

    YEAR 12:周六 2-4:30 PM OR 周日 2 - 4:30 PM


    超过3+年的教学经验,帮助学生取得95+ Advanced 数学的好成绩

    James Ruse 毕业的精英。曾在HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 取得99+ 的好成绩并且ATAR 99.85+以上

    一对一的进度反馈和全新NEW SYLLABUS 教学内容


    位置有限,快咨询我们!班级课程只要$35/hr 并且提供优惠如果您付整个学期(我们现在的活动提供第一周免费的课程). 请发邮件包括您的名字,电话和年级到: 或电话 9006 1168 去预定你的位置。

    Year 11 & 12 Mathematics (Adv 2U) mini classes

    Starting on 27th July 2019, LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

    A true believer of small, personalised and highly engaging classroom

    environments, Sirius Learning brings a series of small (4-6 students)

    targeted classes to help you achieve your dream HSC score:


    YEAR 11: SATURDAY 10-12 PM OR SUNDAY 10-12:30 PM

    YEAR 12:SATURDAY 2-4:30 PM OR SUNDAY 2 - 4:30 PM

    Our stellar classes are run by our Head Mathematics Tutors boosting:

    Over 3+ years of experience in coaching students to score 95+in  Advanced Mathematics

    Ex James Ruse graduate with strong Mathematics Extension 1 and Mathematics Extension 2 marks (99+) and ATAR above 99.85+

    1 to 1 feedback and progress checks with well thought through NEW SYLLABUS material

    Constant quizzes and practice exams to check your progress

    Contact us today to secure your spot! HIGHLY COMPETITIVE SMALL CLASSROOM PRICES AT $35/hr with discounts for term payment (First week is free as part of our special trial offer). Email name, mobile number and year to: or call 9006 1168 to secure your spot.