毫无疑问,每位留学生在写作essay的时候风格都不太一样,毕竟每个人的用词和表达方式都有所差异。而养成自己的写作风格,能让自己的essay更有辨识度,从而加深导师对你的印象。那么该如何养成自己的<a href="">essay写作</a>风格呢?下面就给大家讲解一下。

      Academic Style

      研究下面这一段,poor style的表达。

      How to make people work harder is a topic that lots of people have written about in the last few years.There are lots of different theories etc and I think some of them are ok.When we think about this we should remember the old Chinese proverb,that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.So how do we increase production?It’s quite a complex subject but I’ll just talk about a couple of ideas.


      Motivation has been the subject of numerous studies during recent decades,but this essay will focus on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory(1943)and Herzberg’s two-factor theory(1966).Their contemporary relevance to the need to motivate employees effectively will be examined critically,given that this can be considered crucial to a firm’s survival in the current economic climate.



      (a)不要使用习惯用语或口语词汇:kids,boss.Instead use standard English:children,manager。


      (c)在处理事实或数据时尽可能的精确。避免像a hundred或hundreds of years ago那样的短语。如果有必要估计数字,使用approximately而不是about。

      (d)结论应该使用试探性的语言。避免像unemployment causes crime。相反,使用谨慎的短语:unemployment may cause crime或tends to cause crime。


      (f)不要收缩动词形式:don’t,can’t。使用完整的形式:do not,cannot。


      Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter.

      The moons of Jupiter were discovered by Galileo.



      like for introducing examples.Use such as or for instance.

      thing and combinations nothing or something.Use factor,issue or topic.

      lots of.Use a significant/considerable number.

      little/big.Use small/large.

      ‘get’phrases such as get better/worse.Use improve and deteriorate.

      good/bad are simplistic.Use positive/negative(e.g.the changes had several positive aspects).

      (i)不使用诸如Why did war break out in 1914?Instead,use statements:

      There were three reasons for the outbreak of war…

      (j)避免在你的文章中编号,除了报告和长文章。使用连接词和符号表达来介绍新的部分(Turning to the question of detecting cancer...).

      (k)在写列表时,避免使用etc.或者and so on。在最后一项:The main products were pharmaceuticals,electronic goods and confectionery.。

      (l)避免使用两个词动词,如“as go on”或“bring up”。使用continue或raise。