英文Essay跟国内的Essay差别是非常大的,而简洁性是其写作原则之一。在写作英文Essay时,我们除了不要使用那些冗余的词之外,还需要在<a href="">essay写作</a>中减少或避免重复性表达。下面就通过一些实例来为大家分析哪些属于重复性表达。


      例①:The results are plotted graphically...

      改进:The results are plotted...

      分析:plot本身就是作图的意思,所以graphically可以去掉。如果要用graphically,可以写成:The results are represented graphically...,但这显然没有The results are plotted...简洁。

      顺便提一下,表示“绘制”和survival curves搭配的动词如下:

      To generate survival curves

      To plot survival curves

      To construct survival curves

      例②:This arrangement avoids the rebreathing of previously exhaled gases...

      改进:This arrangement avoids rebreathing...

      分析:rebreathing的意思就是吸入已经呼出的气体,所以This arrangement avoids rebreathing...即可。

      例③:...fully complies with the requirements needed in...

      改进:...fully complies with the requirements in...


      例④:...operations of varying magnitude,ranging from simple drainage to a full laparotomy.

      改进:...operations from simple drainage to a full laparotomy.

      分析:“of varying magnitude”、“ranging”和“”都是关于范围的表达,可以简化成:operations from simple drainage to a full laparotomy。

      例⑤:It is possible that our results might have been better had we...

      改进:Our results might have been better had we...

      分析:“It is possible that”和“might”意思相同,二者取其一即可。

      例⑥:Myoclonus and myelinolysis may follow as sequelae.

      改进:Myoclonus and myelinolysis may be sequelae.



      错误:Although aspirin is effective in RA,but it offers no therapeutic benefit in AS.

      正确:Although aspirin is effective in RA,it offers no therapeutic benefit in AS.或Aspirin is effective in RA,but it offers no therapeutic benefit in AS.


      错误:In addition,some patients also received potassium supplements.

      正确:In addition,some patients received potassium supplements.

      分析:中文里,我们会说“此外,部分患者还服用了钾补充剂”,但在英文中,“in addition”和“also”二者取其一即可。

      错误:Recent studies have shown that mast cells store and release proinflammatory cytokines including IL-4,IL-6,etc.

      正确:Recent studies have shown that mast cells store and release proinflammatory cytokines including IL-4 and IL-6.

      分析:在中文里,我们常说“包括……等”,但在英文里,including/such as和etc.不能同时出现。因为including/such as后面接部分内容,表示除了列举出的内容以外还有其他内容,而etc.也一样,表示省略了部分内容,所以二者取其一即可。


      例①:Two patientshad type I,7 had type II,and 1 had type IIIMirizzi syndrome.


      例②:A total of 29 patients completed laparoscopic cholecystectomy,and they all had type I or II Mirizzi syndrome.One patient with type II disease underwent laparoscopic cholecystectomy and common bile duct exploration.Two patients with type III or IV disease were converted to open surgery;the type III patient underwent bile duct end-to-end anastomosis,and the type IV patient underwent choledochoenterostomy.

      根据情况变换表达形式,如:type*Mirizzi syndrome、patient with type*disease和type*patient。

      例③:Of all patients,26 showed a complete response,12 showed a partial response,and 5 showed no response.


      例④:LdT is effective in controlling hepatitis activity in pregnant women with CHB,as it rapidly decreases HBV DNA levels and reduces mother-to-infant transmission of HBV.Its use is therefore beneficial to both mothers and infants.


      例⑤:Local recurrence was found in 10 patients and metastasis in 11 patients.

      这种句型可以只用一次“was found”,不会影响句意的表达。