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本周雅思写作题目Some people think living in big cities is bad for people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?大城市生活有害健康。同意与否?


Big cities such as London, Melbourne and Vancouver have attracted millions of people to settle down there both domestically and internationally. While some people are worried that living in big cities could pose threats to people's health, I tend to think otherwise in general.

People who have health concerns towards life in big cities might argue that large cities are usually occupied with high buildings and bombarded with traffic congestion and that the manufacture of industries always cause air pollution and sometimes even water contamination. Therefore, it is difficult for people who live there get access to fresh air and nature environment, and people's life could be put at risk.

However, these are the pictures Of a small proportion of cities in less developed countries. As a matter of fact, today many more large cities in developing and developed countries have suffered from these problems no more or at least on their way to being more to live. For example, in many cities public contracts for roads and buildings now are only be awarded to firms that have a good environmental track with the of the permission of the city council, and the responsibility of the city council is to keep the green area above a certain level.Additionally, many governments are encouraging convenient, reliable and affordable public transports to reverse the trend of mass car ownership, and in some cities for instance Amsterdam there are networks of cycle lanes and other facilities for cyclists which are more environmentally sound. More importantly, large cities are often equipped with the best medical care service such as hospitals and ambulance system, which is essential to everyone and especially necessary for elder citizens. Also, young adults tend to have more accesses to sports facilities and equipment.

Overall, although living condition in big cities still can be improved, I think the lifestyle there is actually getting healthier and healthier. 315 words


While enjoying all the conveniences in big cities such as supermarkets, shopping malls, and public transport, many people complain that living in big cities is harmful for our health. This opinion certainly carries a lot of truth, yet it should also be treated with a grain of salt.

Compared with the rural areas which are usually more peaceful and quiet, big cities are often extremely noisy. The forever crowded streets are full of people rushing back and forth, vehicles hustling along, and stores vying for attention. Besides, with factories producing wastes and vehicles emitting exhaust gas, the air in big cities is often so heavily polluted that many people have to put on a mask when walking outside in the street.

Then, the busy city life is also negative for our mental health. The fierce competition that exists everywhere in big cities is destructive to our relationship with our colleagues, neighbors, and even friends, resulting in our isolation and loneliness. In order to catch up with the Joneses, we often have to make more money by working extra hours which will eventually affect our health.

Yet big cities do offer many things that can benefit our health. Big cities, for instance, have better sports facilities and better equipped gyms and stadiums. They also have more parks and gardens. So we can see many city dwellers enjoying themselves by doing sports in gyms or walking in parks on weekends while in the countryside people can only stay at home. More importantly, in big cities, people enjoy better medical services because the best hospitals and medical professionals are often found in big cities rather than rural countryside.

So it is hard to decide with certainty whether living in big cities is bad or good for our health. Life in big cities does bring about many negative effects on our health (both physical and mental), but it also has much to offer which actually helps us stay healthy. (325 words)





When it comes to the issue of health, some people argue that people are less healthy if they live in a metropolis, but others contend that living in big cities does not necessary lead to bad health. Personally speaking, I agree with the former.


To begin with, air quality in big cities is worse than that of other areas. It is commonly acknowledged that there is a larger population in big cities and correspondingly, there are a large number of vehicles in cities. Then, more gas is emitted by vehicles, the amount of which exceeds that of rural areas and citizens have to suffer from this. Therefore, urban dwellers' body condition becomes worse as a result of worse air quality.


Furthermore, residents in cities may lack exercise. In cities, it is not uncommon to see people work overtime since they face severe competition. Then, a lot of employees may lack time for even normal physical activities like jogging and playing basketball, which decreases the general resistance of body. As a consequence, people in cities may be prone to some diseases, such as catching a cold.


Admittedly, some opponents argue that residents in urban areas enjoy a better medical service than other areas. However, they are oversimplifying a crucial issue. It is true that hospitals in cities may own more medical devices that can cure patients more effectively, but the fact is that it takes too much time for patients to make an appointment to see a doctor in a metropolis. It is ironic that, sometimes, during the period when a patient is waiting for a doctor, s/he recovers from his/her illness already. Therefore, the medical system in cities may not bring so many benefits to city dwellers due to its low efficiency.


In sum, living in big cities may affect people's health, considering that residents suffer from worse air pollution and they do not have sufficient time for physical exercise.


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