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原来真题是这样!Jeffrey老师亲自回忆,SWT-Wright Brothers 怀特兄








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怀特兄弟这篇SWT在许多版本的机经里都有出现,澳大利亚语言学院Jeffrey老师在最近的一次PTE的考试中遇到了Wright Brothers 怀特兄弟这道题,发现真题跟各个版本的机经都有出入,为了给大家一个还原度最高的版本,Jeffrey老师在考后立即记录了题目中的关键词,并且通过反反复复的回忆,然后试图寻找原文,终于还原最接近真实考试的机经。



1.       文章是三段式

2.       第一段肯定提到了一位叫Otto Lilienthal的德国人

3.       第一段中还提到了怀特兄弟的父亲送的Toy Helicopter

4.       第二段中提到了飞机的具体构造(应该是三个部分)

5.       第三段说怀特兄弟开始不太成功,后来才出了名


Always working on different mechanical projects and keeping up with scientific research, the Wright brothers closely followed the research of German glider king Otto Lilienthal. When Lilienthal died in a glider crash, the brothers were very depressed. But their father, Milton Wright, brought back a small model helicopter for his boys. It is made of cork, bamboo and paper, and powered by a rubber band to twirl its blades. Fascinated by the toy and its mechanics, Wilbur and Orville would develop a lifelong love of aeronautics and flying and decided to start their own experiments with flight.

Wilbur and Orville set to work trying to figure out how to design wings for flight. They observed that birds angled their wings for balance and control, and tried to emulate this, developing a concept called “wing warping.” When they added a moveable rudder, the Wright brothers found they had the magic formula-on December 17, 1903, they succeeded in flying the first free, controlled flight of a power-driven, heavier than air plane. Wilbur flew their plane for 59 seconds, at 852 feet, an extraordinary achievement.

The Wright brothers soon found that their success was not appreciated by all. Many in the press, as well as fellow flight experts, were reluctant to believe the brothers' claims at all. In France Wilbur found a much more receptive audience. He made many public flights, and gave rides to officials, journalists and statesmen. The Wrights became huge celebrities there, hosted by royals and heads of state, and constantly featured in the press. The Wrights began to sell their airplanes in Europe, before returning to the United States in 1909. The brothers became wealthy businessmen, filling contracts for airplanes in Europe and the United States.



第一段的主要内容是怀特兄弟研究飞机的契机(a lifelong love of aeronautics and flying),这个契机一共有两个部分,一个是German glider king Otto Lilienthal,另一个是他们的父亲送的一个小玩具(a toy helicopter)。

第二段的主要内容是说怀特兄弟研究出的飞机的构架(How to how to design wings for flight),主要是说通过模仿鸟类的翅膀而做的机翼(birds angled their wings for balance and control … emulate this)。

第三段的主要内容是说怀特兄弟的成名史,一开始并没有被承认(their success was not appreciated by all),是到法国之后才被认可(found a much more receptive audience),最后才成为名人。


Inspired by the famous German aviator Lilienthal and the toy helicopter from their father, the Wright brothers developed a lifelong love of aeronautics and decided to start their own experiments with flight, and they have successfully emulated the angled wings of birds for balance and control by adding a removable rudder, but their success were not appreciated by all until they made a few successful public flights in France became huge celebrities there. (73 Words)


The famous German aviator Lilienthal and the toy helicopter inspired the Wright brothers to develop a lifelong passion in aeronautics, and by adding a removable rudder their design of wings emulated the angled wings of birds for balance and control, yet they would not be huge celebrities without a few successful public flights. (53 Words)


Aeronautics        n. 航空学

Angled                adj.有斜角的

Blade                   n. 叶片,刀片

Celebrity              n. 名人

Constantly            adj. 经常地

Emulate                v. 模仿

Extraordinary       adj. 不同寻常的

Fascinated            adj. 入迷的

Helicopter             n. 直升机

Journalist              n. 记者

Lifelong                adj. 一辈子的

Mechanical          adj. 机械的

Moveable             adj. 可以移动的

Receptive             adj. 感受的

Reluctant              adj. 不情愿的

Warping               n. 机翼翘起的部分





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