Release of South Australia’s
economic development measures
Today I released the Mid-Year BudgetReview (MYBR), which provides the latest forecasts for the South Australian StateBudget.
The MYBR shows the State Governmentcontinuing to forecast a return to surplus in 2015-16 of $355 million whilebringing forward tax cuts for businesses and delivering new initiatives overthe forward estimates to accelerate our economic plan by encouraginginvestment, growing the economy and creating jobs.
It builds on the 2015-16 State Budgetwhich included a $985 million package of initiatives to stimulate economicgrowth in South Australia.

Today we have announced a further packageof additional worth $518 million to promote growth, confidence and investment which directlysupport over 1,600 new jobs across a range of sectors.
The initiatives to accelerate the economicplan include:
·        Bringing forward the first thirdreduction in non-residential real property transfers tax cuts worth $24.8million,
·        $985 million Northern Connector RoadProject,
·        $208 million for the construction of1,000 additional houses for the South Australian Housing Trust,
·        Industry engagement and developmentprograms including $20 million to drive mining exploration investments andjobs,
·        $19.2 million in last mile road projectsto improve freight access around the state,
·        $12 million to facilitate new tenanciesfor business at Tonsley, and
·        $10 million to expand the government’strade efforts.
Through these new measures, we arecontinuing to invest in infrastructure and services that will provide thefoundation for future jobs growth and respond to the challenges ahead as wetransition from the old to the new economy.
You can read more about the Government’s and the key initiatives to on the 。More information about the State’s and are also available.
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