US Ready to Launch preemptive Strike on North

The U.S. is  prepared to launch a preemptive strike on N.Korea if it is certain that the communist nation is about to follow through with its sixth nuclear test.
The U.S. has positioned two destroyers capable of shooting Tomahawk cruise missiles in the region,  one of them just 300 miles from N.Korean nuclear test site.
U.S. heavy bombers are also positioned in Guam to attack the North if necessary, and early this week, the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group was redirected to the area.
The U.S. strike could  include missiles and bombs, cyber and special operations on the ground.
U.S. president Donald Trump has talked to Chinese president Xi Jinping twice about N.Korea since the Mar-a-Lago summit last week, and China has since sent its top nuclear negotiators to Pyongyang  to communicate the gravity of the situation to the North.
According to US officials, the implementation of the preemptive US plan depends centrally on consent of the S.Korean government.
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