U.S. Praises China for Efforts to Rein in N.Korea

The White House praised China on Wednesday for making efforts to rein in N.Korea after Beijing's Foreign Ministry warned the North not to make provocative remarks.

"I think it's encouraging to see china contiunue to move forward and join us in this effort to control N.Korea," White House press secretary Sean Spicer said at a regular briefing. "I think that the relationship that the president started building with president Xi down in Mar-a-Lago is clearly showing some positive signs."

"China continues to have both economic and political influence" over N.Korea, Spicer said. "I think it's important to see them heading in this direction. I think it's a very positive sign to see them play a larger and larger role. I think it is in everybody's interest to contain N.Korea's actions."

Trump has long said N.Korea is China's problem to fix, urging Beijing to use its leverage as the main provider of food and energy for the impoverished North to bring the recalcitrant regime under control.

China has long been reluctant to use its leverage for fear that pushing the regime too hard could result in instability in the North and even its collapse, which could lead to the emergence of a PRO-U.S. nation on its border.
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