Ivanka Eats with Chinese Prez

Ivanka eats with Chinese Prez, gets Chinese trade marks, Critics worry Ivanka Trump is mixing business with politics.

On the same day Ivanka Trump sat down for dinner with the chinese president at Mar-a-Lago, her company got approval from the chinese government for trade marks to sell jewelry, spa services, and bags, the AP reports.  That same week, 3.4 tons of her company's bags, wallets, blouses arrived in the US from Shanghai, and Hong Kong, where they were manufactured.  With her taking an official position in her father's White House, Trump is now covered by federal ethics rules, meaning she is not allowed to make government decisions that could benefit her financial holdings, according to the New York Times.  While Trump has stepped down from her business, she hasn't given up financial control.  The potential for Trump mixing business and politics could present unprecedented ethical difficulties.
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