I Love You, My "Little Editors"!

I Love you, My "little editors":

"Big Panda",  "Little White Rabit", "Big Grey Wolf" and "Dreamer"...  I like your posts and thank you very much for your posts in this BBS.

Love from Jian 11, a "mere" netizen of this BBS!
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Unfortunately I cannot print chinese letters as you do!

Love is  beyond language boundary!!!
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Thank you for my "defiant" comments to your posts.
Thank your for your tolerance of my "weird" opinions.
Thank you for you ignorance of my wayward mindset.
Thank you for your professionalism and generousness.

Unfortunately, I cannot print chinese.  No worries, as long as every one knows in his or her hearts.
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Among "These Pillars of BBS", Actually "big panda", "little white rabbit" and "big grey wolf", you are playing chinese  "word games"!

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Your "three" are "naughty" boys, only "Dreamer" is a "good girl".
Just a joke.
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