A Questionn to BBS!

Why you remove and delete all the comments and posts  about a real contemporary Chinese hero?!
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Think about  the future of your sons and daughters!!!1 F! q/ \' ^* i8 j$ l

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游客 120.21.121.x 发表于 15-7-2017 09:54$ h1 @" b$ w8 G
There is actually not as much freedom as you think here.Don't be naive.I did nothing wrong but I am  ...

9 A. T; X7 `) x; T. ~- lTo be frank and honest, you don't identify yourself.
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How we can talk any more?3 p4 [$ ?3 _: z

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' y1 e: x, K) z) bShow your identity here!8 K0 q) X( i, d3 t1 r( m. w6 j

/ }) u5 u. a& Y, f% t( I( wA Coward! You are!
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