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Salena Estate Wines阿德莱德地区招聘有经验的华人红酒销售








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赛琳娜酒庄 SalenaEstate)是一家由家族拥有和经营的酒庄, 是由鲍勃 BobFranchitto)和希尔维亚(SylviaFranchitto)与1998年共同创立的。其明确目标是成为一家世界一流的葡萄酒生产商。酒庄致力于可持续的有机葡萄栽培和酿造, 并保证无论是任何种类, 品牌 和价格的产品都以同样的细节和高品质来要求。赛琳娜酒庄坐落于一个阳光充沛的葡萄种植区只专注于酿造顶级风味和口感的红酒。由于业务的增长和发展,酒庄需要一名有丰富经验的业务拓展经理加入我们的团队。您将会需要向国际销售经理直接会报, 并且在我们的企业中担任一个不可或缺的关键角色。
·        管理销售策略的增长和执行,并设立销售目标以实现销售最大化和客户忠诚度
·        通过管理销售策略的增长和执行,将我们企业的产品和服务推广给更多的人
·        衡量和报告营销活动的绩效, 有洞察力 并能根据绩效进行评估
·        推动和管理中国销售团队并增加利润
·        与现有的和新的分销渠道建立客户关系
·        通过管理销售策略的增长和执行,以增加公司红酒/商品的消费量从而增强品牌和品牌忠诚度
·        通过管理销售策略的增长和执行,以建立并维持公司在客户,投资者和大众中的声誉
·        与主要行业参与者,代理商和供应商建立战略关系和合作伙伴关系
·        专业的着装
·        流利的普通话
·        能注意细节
·        出色的人际交往能力
·        能够独立工作 也能在团队中工作
·        对工作有积极正面的心态
·        能自信的在小组中发言
·        有困惑时能自信的提问
·        能在最少的监督下进行远程工作
·        能与总裁紧密联系并跟进中国主要销售渠道
·        丰富的葡萄行业经验
·        本科以上学历,MBA相关教育背景优先
·        精通普通话和英语,对英语非母语者,要求最低雅思4个6或PTE成绩
·        至少10年的销售职位经验, 至少5年管理职位经验
·        有出色的建立关系,沟通和表达能力
·        能不断在企业中找到发展机遇和解决问题
·        有能力发展和维持牢固的销售关系

Business Development Manager Asia
Must be fluent in Mandarin
TheCompany and Job Role
Family owned and operated, SalenaEstate was founded by Bob and Sylvia Franchitto in 1998 with a clear objectiveto become a reliable producer of world-class wines that represent greatvalue. With a focus on sustainable organic viticulture and winemaking, SalenaEstate wines are guaranteed to be made with the same meticulous care andattention to quality – no matter which variety, brand or price point theyrepresent. Based in a viticultural region that is envied for its abundantsunshine, Salena Estate is single-mindedly focused on achieving exceptionalvarietal flavour and character in its wines. Salena Estate Wines has anopportunity for an experienced Business Development Manager to join ourteam due to continued growth and expansion. This role will see you working andreporting directly to the International Sales Manager, playing a vital andintegral key role in our business.
Primarytasks include
·        Managingthe growth and execution of sales strategies and setting sales targets forsales maximisation and customer loyalty
·        Managingthe growth and execution of strategies to promote our company's goods andservices to as many people as possible
·        Measureand report performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess againstgoals
·        Driveand manage Chinese Sales team and increase revenue
·        Developand build client relationships with existing and new distribution channels
·        Managingthe growth and execution of strategies to generate increased consumption of ourcompany's wines/goods thus enforcing branding and brand loyalty
·        Managingthe growth and execution of strategies to build and maintain the company's andreputation with its customers, investors and the wider public
·        Buildstrategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies andvendors
TheSuccessful Candidate
·        Professionalappearance
·        AdvancedMandarin language skills
·        Attentionto detail
·        Greatpeople skills
·        Abilityto work independently as well as in a team environment
·        Apositive "can do" outlook
·        Confidenceto speak in a group setting
·        Confidenceto ask questions when direct ion is unclear
·        Abilityto work remotely with minimal supervision
·        Liaiseclosely with director to follow up with key Chinese sales channels

Skills & Experience
·        SignificantWine Industry experience
·        BachelorDegree or above, MBA related educational background is a plus.
·        Bilingualskill with top proficiency in both Chinese Mandarin and English, for non-nativeEnglish speakers, a minimum of four 6s in IELTS or PTE is requested.
·        Minimumof 10 years' experience in a Sales positions, at least 5 years in Managementlevel.
·        Provenability to build relationships, excellent communication and presentationskills.
·        Successfulbackground in developing business opportunities and delivering solutions on aregular basis
·        Abilityto develop and maintain a strong sales relationship
This unique vacancy offers thesuccessful applicant the chance to join a well-respected positive team thatwants and will take on new challenges and become a key member in a growingteam.

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