BMW E90 320i executive 2005 改装车 出售

Good running highly retrofitted E90 personally drived for years, fixed almost all probloms, have to sell due to going overseas.

List of retrofits:

Replaced old engine around 210,000km with newer one about 90,000km (2,690$)

Replaced new oil filter and tubes recently (1,500$)

New angel eye headlights ($600) and smoked LED taillights ($500)

New M3 style rear bumper bar with OEM mesh ($1000 )

2013 Professional CIC idrive unit and screen with controller and 2010 LCI trimcovers ($1200 )

2010 LCI AC controller ($70)

2012 MULF2 bluetooth module ($100)

6 CD changers ($100 )

LED shift knot and carbon fibre rearview mirror cover replacements and other miscellaneous decor improvments ($300 )

Focal ifBMW twin speakers and twitters pack and Logic7 rear deck speakers ($500 )

Engine cover and four doors sound deadened using carbuilder sound deadener ($300)

High quality dash cam with 170 degree rear view cam and rador ($550 )

Recently changed pairs of front brake pads and rotors ($1000)

Overall chassis is good, eventhough changed engine still serviced half yearly, tyres changed in good condition.

Potential inprovments and defects:

Front bumper bar right side damaged, intended to replace with M3 style one so left it unfixed.

left rear door side painting with minor scratches.

idrive unit need to be coded to gain fully access to functions, such as AUX and bluetooth streaming music, coding can be done with a window PC or spending $150 to have an expert get it done.

Big potential to further improve sound quality by intalling an amp as the speakers are high end.

The Engine light on is due to the defect air sensor, this problem is thoroughly checked, no defect on engine, can be solved by coding or replace a part cost about $100.

All the pros and cons are there but may not thorough as so far I can recall, though this is a 05 model one, it was equipped with highly morden devices which will last and function good as at the end of the life of this car, Welcome to check on site.
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