Please call to order, it takes 3-5 working days to arrive.Product RangeLustrolit

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Please call to order, it takes 3-5 working days to arrive.
Product Range
Lustrolite comes and in many different sizes and colours to perfectly suit any indoor residential wall application, whether its your kitchen splashback, bedroom, media room, hallway, bathroom or shower wall.
What is Lustrolite?
Lustrolite is an optical quality, high gloss, acrylic decor sheet.
Lustrolite is an indoor, residential decorative panel, that has a mirror like reflection and comes in a vast range of colours. Lustrolite features a unique blend of polymers and technology that delivers high performance and looks just like back painted glass.
However, unlike painted glass, Lustrolite has an integrated, fused colour layer behind the thick optical grade clear layer. Lustrolite is coated in a high performance micro hard coat on the outer surface, that adds extra scratch and chemical resistance.
Effortless to Install
It's easy to work with and can be installed rapidly over new or existing wall finishes
Can be cut and drilled on site with normal wood working tools
Typical panel install takes about a third of the time of ceramic tiles
Joints can be sealed with neutral cure transparent or colour matched silicone
Easy to Maintain
It's easy to clean using warm water and a soft micro fibre cloth or chamois.
Strong chemicals are not required.
No grouting and less joints
Non-stick surface will not promote mould,bacteria,soap orcalcium build up
Highly resistant to typical shower and glass cleamers
Luxurious and Elegant Finish
Each panel is meticulously finished, perfectly smooth,and looks just like glass.
High gloss lustrous surface
Glass like depth of colour
Will transform and add colour to any home
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